Reptile and Amphibian Group for Somerset

Common Frog

Common frogs can be found throughout the county and are frequently referred to as grass frogs, reflecting the fact that they are often found considerable distances from water. As the name suggests these are the most common frogs in the uk, however that does not mean they do not deserve our attention when it comes to conservation efforts, as they are still under agricultural pressures. They have stayed common throughout the uk because they are very adaptable to life in other environments such as their local garden ponds. These frogs will spawn early in the spring, and have been known to breed as early as December in the south west.

Common frogs are roughly 6-10cm in lengthwith smooth skin unlike the common toad. Colour in these can be very variable, especially during breeding season, where the males can be seen as a red/orange colour. Typically the top colour is olive-yellow or a grey-brown with dark blotches. the underneath is a much paler grey/white. Females are not as smooth looking as the males because of the white granules down the flanks, they are also larger than the males. If you have a keen eye you may also be able to tell that the hing legs are shorter compared to other species,with dark banding.But the most distinguishing feature in this species to others is the dark mask behind the eye.