Reptile and Amphibian Group for Somerset

Common Toad

The only toad to be found in Somerset, although the rarer Naterjack toad ( Bufo calamita)does live in other parts of th UK. These Toads can live in variable habitat (woodland, scrubland, grassland, moors) and are more resistant to dessication than the common frogs. Spending most of their time on land, then making mass migrations to ponds for breeding between february and March, with the newly metamorphosed froglets apearing around August. They tend to prefer deeper and bigger ponds than other frogs and toads.

Common Toads are typically between 5-10cm with the females being significantly larger than the males and almost swollen looking during breeding season. These toads have rough warty skin and deep orange eyes. informaly olive-brown with the shade changing depending on the ambient light and the moisture around them. On a sunny day they can look very pale.